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Farwell Brain Fingerprinting and the
Boston Marathon Bombing

Dr. Larry Farwell Brain
                                          Fingerprinting test on serial
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Dr. Larry Farwell conducts a Brain Fingerprinting test
on serial killer JB Grinder

                             Dr. Farwell Speaks Out:
                                   Brain Fingerprinting
                      and the Boston Marathon Bombing

The Boston Marathon Bombing and related recent events in Boston bring to light two things:

1.  The high cost of delaying the implementation of effective counterterrorism technology when we have it, and

2. A new opportunity we now have to apply state-of-the-art technology to bring the all of those responsible for this crime to justice, and to help to prevent future terrorist crimes.

The FBI questioned Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the alleged Boston Marathon bomber, in 2011 following a tip from the Russian FSB.  The FBI reportedly concluded that there was insufficient evidence linking him to terrorist groups, bomb making, etc. to take action.

Although it remained undetected, however, whatever information Tsarnaev had regarding his links to terrorist groups and bomb-making knowledge was in fact stored in his brain.  If he had had this information on his computer, it would have been easy to detect.  We could simply have scanned his hard drive and detected whatever information he had.  This information was, however, not on his hard drive – it was stored in his brain.  To detect this we need more sophisticated technology.  
Brain Fingerprinting has proven over 99% accurate in detecting just this kind of concealed information stored in the brain -- in research conducted at the FBI, the CIA, and the US Navy, and published in the leading scientific journals. It has solved crimes, and has been ruled admissible in court.  

There is ample proof – both from the field applications and from peer-reviewed, published research – that Brain Fingerprinting is extremely accurate in detecting exactly this kind of concealed information stored in the brain.    Brain Fingerprinting has proven over 99% accurate in detecting information that is unique to bomb makers, and also in detecting inside knowledge or training associated with particular organizations (such as a terrorist group or cell).  For example, Brain Fingerprinting successfully detected the record of FBI-relevant knowledge stored in the brains of FBI agents in every case tested. 

Now, we will never know if a Brain Fingerprinting test in 2011 would have detected Tsarnaev's bomb-making knowledge and terrorist ties, and thus prevented the Boston Marathon bombings and the huge destruction and loss of life that ensued. 

We missed one opportunity to apply Brain Fingerprinting.  Fortunately, we now have another opportunity.

In my view, applying the best technology we have, including Brain Fingerprinting in such a case, is the only path forward that is scientifically sound, morally viable, and protective of the public interest.  It is our duty and responsibility to do no less.

The Tsarnaev brothers did not wake up one morning and say, "Let's go plant a bomb and kill some people."  Others were undoubtedly involved over a period of time.  

Who participated in radicalizing them, training them, funding them, equipping them, and/or planning their terrorist attack?  This information is stored in the brains of any perpetrators, accomplices, instigators, and conspirators involved.  Brain Fingerprinting can detect this information, and thus help us to uncover the truth, to bring all the people responsible for this horrific act to justice, and to prevent such terrorist attacks in the future.

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